Practera supports IEF campaign to enhance indigenous education equity

Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) is in the process of enhancing its social and digital media presence by harnessing the knowledge of independent consultants through the Victorian State Government’s LIVE Projects program. Through this, we aim to better communicate with our supporters and link them to promoting indigenous education equity, language, culture and identity.

LIVE Projects is an initiative of the Victorian Government delivered in partnership with education providers and enabled by an experiential learning technology company, Practera. IEF’s rebranding and new digital profile are in the design phase and on target to be live by November 2020.

On behalf of IEF and our indigenous partners, we extend our deepest gratitude to the three iterations of Practera students who, during each team’s 3-week engagement over the past 12 months, provided us with invaluable insight and recommendations to improve our online presence. Through this generosity, devoted commitment and expertise, we move closer to achieving our goal of advancing education equity for indigenous communities across the globe.


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