Experience the oldest first Australian crafts handmade by the youngest custodians

Yarn Bark Co-Founder, Will Austin, handcrafting authentic didgeridoo and traditional craft kit items

Authenticity, originality and longevity are at the heart of First Australian culture and art. Yarn Bark has created a series of authentic traditional craft kits to share with the world. As a partner, we support Yarn Bark in their efforts to educate and colour the world and in the process reinvesting in Yarn Bark’s cultural immersion, trauma and healing programs.

The traditional craft kits are designed and handcrafted by Yarn Bark’s First Nations Keerray Wurrung and Peek Wurrung Co-Founder and craftsman (Will Austin), who was raised on Dja Dja Wurrung country.

Yarn Bark Co-Founder, Will Austin, says, “Yarn Bark is passionate about and committed to reviving and surfacing traditional Aboriginal craft and artefact making. We must unite to bring an end to the production of fake Aboriginal artefacts being advertised and sold across the world as “authentic”.

Each piece of craft has a significant story and journey to tell of its purpose and how it came to be.

At Yarn Bark, we want to keep this ancient skill alive for future generations and all people can support this vision by purchasing and supporting our work.

Yarn Bark not only crafts our own artefacts, but we also have a network of grassroots First Nations craftsman across the county that do not have a platform to sell their arts and craft. We want to connect the Australian community directly with these artists.

During this period of isolation and uncertainty, Yarn Bark provides an opportunity for us all to connect with Australia’s indigenous arts and knowledge. We urge you to give your support for the future of our thriving cultures.

IEF entered into partnership with Yarn Bark in April 2019 and, under Will and Alex’s leadership and vision, we continue to provide assistance in their advancement of education equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Indigenous communities. We believe that supporting Indigenous-led cultural-based education programs is central to guaranteeing the wellbeing of future generations of First-Australians and Australians alike.”  IEF President,  Rob Henry

Every purchase made will go directly to furthering Yarn Bark’s First-Australian led cultural immersion and culturally integrated, trauma-informed healing programs. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.

To place an order for Yarn Bark’s traditional craft kits or individual craft items, please contact them via email and/or visit their Instagram @yarn.bark to follow their inspiring work.



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