WAFSAC As Worlds Divide documentary film

In 2008, Australian Rob Henry packed up his life in Melbourne and flew to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, in the hope of pursuing a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life. What he found instead were a people facing a threat far more pressing than his own.

9 years on, As Worlds Divide presents the story of Mentawai’s struggle against globalisation and a very unique opportunity for all of us to assist them in protecting the future of their indigenous culture and rainforest by simply watching a film (available in English, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, French, German and Portuguese language).

100% of funds raised via #wafsac will be used by our Mentawai partner foundation to further advance their indigenous learning hub program, providing their current and future generations with access to a Mentawai cultural education.

$10 provides a student with indigenous learning materials.
$25 enables 2 indigenous teachers to share their cultural and ecological knowledge with 20-30 students each month.
$50 covers all teacher, student and operational costs for an indigenous learning hub for a month.
$100 provides training to onboard 2 new Indigenous learning hub teachers and 1 hub manager.
$500 provides 300 students with an indigenous learning hub uniform.
$3000 will sponsor the construction of a new Indigenous learning hub; provide training and employment for two indigenous teachers; and educate 20-30 indigenous students for an entire year.

“I am Sikerei. I possess the knowledge of our ancestors. Our children must have the opportunity to learn a Mentawai education. It’s so important. It’s vital that we are able to teach our children the songs, dances, medicines and taboos, before it’s too late.” Sikerei, Aman Masit Dere

To achieve our mission supporting Indigenous-led cultural and ecological education programs, IEF relies on support from public and private donors.

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